What’s going on now?

We recently celebrated Hoku’s 45th birthday. Hoku has begun training to help out with our accounting department to be able to serve as a back up when needed.
Tom has been teaching less at other locations this year, although he has been blessed to partner with YWAM bases in Wyoming and other locations here in the islands. Elias is 10 years old and is just finishing up 4th grade. He loves riding his bike and watching episodes of the Andy Griffith Show. Our firstborn son, Timothy jusy finished his Jr. year of High School. He recently preached his first sermon to the youth service at Waipuna Chapel. He has his driver’s permit now and is as tall as his Dad! When did he turn into a young man? It is hard to believe that our son is already about to enter into his last year of high school!

Tim.Elias.VolcanosThis summer, we will be heading back to Minnesota to visit family, friends, and supporters and also to have some family vacation time. Part of the time will include going on a road trip out East. We will visit some potential colleges for Timothy and end up touring Washington D.C. While on the road trip we will connect with a supporting Church and also with family and friends along the way.


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