Prayer Requests

Ministry of YWAM Maui – Each year we send out 10 or so outreach teams. While we take precautions and try to be aware of potential dangers, there are numerous travel alerts globally and a couple of them affect the nations that we often minister in. Also, please pray for Lord’s hand to be upon our training programs and that the students would come to a deeper walk with Jesus and to be equipped to make God known more effectively.

Timothy’s future plans – Please pray for our son, Timothy, as he prepares for college in Virginia in August, 2018.

Tom’s Roles – Please pray For wisdom and guidance for Tom in his various leadership roles and opportunities to teach both here on Maui and elsewhere.

Continuing Guidance – Please pray for wisdom and guidance as we move forward in our ministry and search for a permanent property for YWAM Maui.

Finances – Please pray for continued provision in our finances.


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