Welcome to our Pictures Page!

Tom and Ohokulani

These are just a few snapshots from our lives…

Our home town. The sign says it all.

Welcome To Paia - Do Not Feed the Hippies

Elias enjoying the rain on Molokai.

Elias in the Rain

Timmy tries out the .50 cal on board the USS Missouri

Timmy taking on Zeros

Elias in the shadow of the Battleship Missouri

Elias in the shadow of the Battleship Missouri

YWAM Maui Staff, Students, and Volunteers – February 2008

Staff, Students, and Volunteers at YWAM Maui - Feb 2008

“Daddy was right! It is interesting.”

Starting early

This is the view where Mom’s ashes are buried.

Ohokulani and her sisters (Lahela and Missy) at the spot where Mom was laid to rest.

Mom’s Burial place

Timothy with his Fire Stick

One of Tom’s hobbies

Hunting on the slopes of Haleakala

Elias – Two Years Old

Elias - Two years old, and loving it.

Mother and Eldest Son

Timmy and Ohokulani

Father and Youngest Son

Elias and Tom

The great people we partner with in Asia

Ministry Partners from Nepal, Bangladesh, Burma, and Indonesia

China.2011 022The Great Wall






Elias and Skippy

Warrior Dash 2016

Thanksgiving 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Timothy's Graduation from Kamehameha Schools Maui

Timothy’s Graduation from Kamehameha Schools Maui


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