Fall Schools Graduate / Winter School Prepares for outreach

We recently graduated the Fall 2017 DTS & SBFM. We heard great reports from the outreach teams. About 8 of the DTS students are returning in April to attend the Spring School of Biblical Foundations & Missions. This is the first time in a number of years we have run an SBFM in the Spring quarter. It is such a joy to observe the work of God not only in the lives of our students, but also through them as the serve in Asia and here on Maui. Our attitude is that the short-term should serve the long-term. In our ministries, we endeavor to partner with long-term workers in a way that is helpful to their long range goals.

The Winter DTS has been going so well. Something that has made this particular session so special is having 3 married couples going through the school. In e few weeks, they’ll be heading off to Asia in 3 different teams for the outreach phase.

YWAM Maui - Debriefing week - February 2018

YWAM Maui – Debriefing week – February 2018