Inheritance & Legacy

Inheritance & legacy has been a significant theme this past year or so. Perhaps it’s because of the reminiscing during my Mom’s passing in 2016 or the looking to the future with my oldest son’s graduation from high school. I’ve been increasingly aware of the need to be thankful to those who’ve come before us and be faithful to prepare the way for those who will continue after us.

Recent students whose parents served with us during our early days in YWAM.

Recent students whose parents served with us during our early days in YWAM.

Our mission at YWAM Maui is to build foundations for the next generation in the Living Word and the Written Word. Well, the children of friends whom we served with 20 years ago are beginning to come for the Discipleship Training School. This year we’ve had 3 such second-generation students and one more is applying for the January school. Also, 2 of my nieces have joined our full-time staff and our own son, Timothy, will be attending DTS at YWAM’s University of the Nations in Kona, HI in January.

It is so encouraging to see the fruit of the work of God through this ministry being passed on to the next generation. Alumni have been communicating their thankfulness for the time they spent here at YWAM Maui as it prepared them for the challenges of living the Christian life in the midst of a broken culture. So many people have come through here from many nations and have gone all over the world in obedience to God’s calling. It is such an honor to be part of their lives and their preparation for service to the Lord.


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