Fall School Outreach Teams Graduate

YWAM Maui - March 2017

YWAM Maui – March 2017

We recently graduated the 6 outreach teams from our Fall schools. The teams ministered in Bangladesh, India, Philippines, Thailand, & Indonesia. We had a busy week of debriefing but it was so thrilling to hear stories of what God is doing in the nations and what He did through our teams. Here’s a few snap shots:

– In India, our SBFM team served the staff of a tea house ministry called Chai 3:16. This ministry reaches out to upper class university students who will likely be among the future leadership in the nation. The students come from a vast spectrum of backgrounds (atheism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Roman Catholic, nominal Protestant) and are struggling with the overwhelming academic pressures of competitive Indian university education. The ministry is one of listening to the university students’ struggles and then sharing the truth of Christ and His Word. The ministry has a long-term goal of planting seeds of Truth today in order to shape the influencers of India tomorrow. One of our Maui team members met regularly with a group of self-proclaimed atheists all of whom renounced their atheism after the numerous discussions regarding their objections to belief in God.

– We had 2 teams in the Philippines; one each from SBFM & DTS. They were thrilled to see over 150 salvations! SBFM team did teaching in discipleship among the churches. This team was invited by one of our Filipina alumni who has a relational network among many churches and she saw the need for stronger Biblical foundations and invited our team to help with this.

– In another outreach location, a DTS student was asked to pray for a baby who was born without a sternum. The baby was crying in agony and obvious distress.  As the DTS student prayed for the baby she placed her hand on the baby’s chest. She felt a sternum form under her hand. The baby stopped screaming and fell asleep as he was returned to his mother.

God is moving in the nations.



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