Graduation Week – Payday

What a wonderful week it has been!


Staff, Students, and Volunteers of YWAM Maui. March 2016

The 5 outreach teams from the Fall schools have returned to Maui and have shared incredible testimonies of what God has done in Asia.  The whole week felt like a celebration of God’s work in and through the team members culminating in the graduation ceremony. I often think of these debriefing weeks as payday for our staff who get to hear the amazing stories and see the changes in the lives of the students. Most of the graduates are heading home to serve in their home churches, go to college, or pursue work in the marketplace. Some are feeling the nudge to return to YWAM Maui for either the School of Biblical Foundations & Missions or to join staff. All of the graduates expressed their desire to serve the Lord in whatever path they take. It is such a privilege be a part of what God is doing here.


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